I came across a thread in r/WEC today from a user claiming to be working for “an ad company working on a project for a carmaker involved in motorsports” linking a survey on Google Forms with some interesting prompts. I thought I'd briefly share my own answers and encourage you to take it.

How did you become a motorsports fan? Who or what influenced you?

I grew up around local dirt track stock car racing and my Dad always left NASCAR races on the television. It wasn't until I discovered the World Endurance Championship that I became a truly diligent fan, though.

What attributes or adjectives do you associate with motorsports? (e.g. thrilling, boring, speed, danger, etc.)

captivating, challenging, engaging, humbling, unifying

Which car brands do you associate the most with motor racing?

Ferrari, Porsche, McLaren, Audi

Are you fan of a car brand in motorsports?

I let myself be very brand loyal to Aston Martin Racing.

How can motorsport stay relevant in the future and attract new fans?

I think the elements that make motorsport so fascinating are timeless, so I'm sure some form of motorsport will always be around. As I understand it, many of these elements are shared with athletic competition. The fans will come regardless, but a continued effort to keep racing series modern should optimize intake for everybody.


Request of Absence - 24 Hours of Le Mans Virtual

Watch a historic first FIA-endorsed virtual 24 Hours of Le Mans competition with me this weekend.

Every year since 2012, I have organized a watch party for the 24 Hours of Le Mans – the legendary, grueling, uniquely-enchanting Superbowl of motorsports – during which friends and I binge on stimulants to stay up for as much of the 4+-day race weekend as possible. Because of The Big Virus, this year's race has been postponed until September 19-20. I was pretty upset about this until it was announced last month that a virtual race would be held on the traditional weekend this year. The competition is going to be hosted on rFactor 2 – a racing simulator which I hadn't heard of (not that I'm all that up-to-date on simming, mind you) – which supposedly will allow for a 50+ car grid, a dynamic day/night cycle, and driver changes. (Very curious as to how that last one works.)


If you're interested in endurance racing and/or are already a fan of the World Endurance Championship, please do join me on my new automotive Twitter account and/or the Honk channel on Extratone's Discord in watching/keeping up with the race. I'd like to finally finish writing an account of the event itself (something I start every year but never finish, it seems) as well as an essay reviewing this year's spectacular collision between the “real” professional motorsports and eSports industries.

I will be keeping this post updated with new resources/news as the weekend progresses.

Practice/Test Race


LMP Results

Qualifying Results - 2020 24 Hours of Le Mans Virtual - LMP

GTE Results

Qualifying Results - 2020 24 Hours of Le Mans Virtual - GTE


Jimmy Broadbent Night Practice - Ferris Wheel